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If you need quotes for your platform and the ability to execute trades on the market, we can help you in finding the right Liquidity Provider. You tell us about your requirements and we will help you with the right solution for your business.

For established Forex brokers, HFT traders, hedge funds, professional traders etc. we offer the Aurora Forex Trading and Dealing System, developed and maintained by the Japanese company TSConsulting. The platform has a number of advanced order-routing algorithms which can be used for risk management, aggregation of your liquidity and much more.


  • Can be connected with any Liquidity Provider(s) to manage and aggregate your liquidity.
  • All counter-party positions and aggregate positions are shown and risk-managed in just one screen.
  • Can be connected through the API with any OTC and generic trading system such as MT4 / cTrader etc.
  • Trading and dealing rules and settings can be managed flexibly in real-time.
  • Use numerous algorithms to organize your own Strategy Portfolio, a.o. with 3 step parameter setting.
  • Switch instantaneusly between STP / A Book execution and discretional dealing / trading on B Book.
  • Trading / Dealing Performance Analysis and real-time Tick Data Analysis & Statistics.
  • Execution on dedicated hosted servers collocated with LPs in in central data centers (EQUINIX TY3, LD5, NY4).
  • Convenient tools for dealing and trading like for example a highspeed GUI Order Panel and much more.


Trading System Integration

Whatever Forex Trading Platform(s) you are using for your Forex brokerage business, AURORA can integrate with it and combine all the positions brought by end users' trading flows into one concise position in real-time.

Based on that, it is all up to you whether you would like to hedge the risk by A Book (NDD/STP) or B Book (Dealer Cover). Switching between A and B Book is easy and instantaneous.

Example of Trading Platforms:

  • MT4
  • cTrader
  • Hotspot
  • Integral
  • In-house developed trading platform
  • And any other platform...

Liquidity Aggregation

How many liquidity providers are you connected with now?

What if you will NOT need the Bridge system for MT4 anymore?

What if you will be able to trade with multiple LPs always at the Best Bid and Offer?

If your LP can provide you with FIX API, you can connect it easily to AURORA.

AURORA can realize the Liquidity Aggregation without any restrictions and connect to your investment bank/Prime Broker (Citi, Barclays, Deutsche, HSBC, RBS, UBS etc.) and/or forex brokers and Liquidity Providers (FXCM, SAXO, LMAX etc.).

AURORA also has safety filtering function to eliminate bad ticks or miss pricing by connected LPs to enhance the efficiency and profitability for Trading & Dealing.

Flexible switching between A and B Book

~ High-tech Dealing and Algorithm Trading

Are your Dealing Operations as efficient as they could be?

What if you will be able to do dealing operations by A Book (NDD/STP) or B Book (Dealer Cover) in the same system and could switch it any time in real time?

With A Book setting enabled all incoming trade flow from end user traders will be instantly married and non-married positions will be covered at aggregated Best Bid and Offer instantly.

If B Book is enabled, the Dealing Algorithm will make sure your operation is run exactly as planned. Regarding the B Book, you can, of course, still rely on human dealer risk cover, but if you have a specific dealing direction / rule / risk tolerance etc., then you can also use the highly flexible auto-dealing system.

Other helpful tools

Here are other helpful tools for Traders and Dealers.

1. GUI – have you ever seen the GUI like below?

2. Algorithm Trading – All algos are easy to run in 3 steps.

3. Trade History – All the trading activities will be recorded in the system and are searchable.

4. Tick Data Analysis – All the tick data will be analysed statistically in real time.

5. Alert E-mail – You can get several different types of alert e-mails in real time.