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Broker in a Box

Opening your own Forex Broker.

Instead of relying on several different providers, a startup broker will get significant efficiency and financial saving by letting Solutions for Brokers set up his entire broker infrastructure.

We help you open a company (with or without license) and open a bank account. Furthermore we provide a full set of web technology solutions (Website and CMS, Trader Room, CRM), help you find a White Label trading platform and can assist you with whatever you need to make your business a success.

We help you in the planning phase, during setup of your infrastructure and support all systems when everything is up and running.

  • Company incorporation and bank account
  • Website and Content Management System
  • Trader Room
  • CRM and Back Office
  • Connection to Liquidity Provider
  • Marketing Assistance

Branded White Label Trading Platform

  • MetaTrader 4 White Label
  • cTrader White Label
  • NetStation White Label
  • Actforex White Label
  • And more